Investment Properties

We provide services for clients who have a small or large investment property portfolio,as well as clients interested in buying their first investment property.

Investment properties come with many tax minimising opportunities and it is important to understand these as early as possible to ensure you are getting a maximum return from your investment and at the same time ensuring you are meeting your tax obligations when it comes to taxation.

Our services for investment properties include:
- Minimising tax with eligible tax deduction on rental properties
- Tax Advise and consultation before buying an investment property
- Tax planning with investment properties to optimise wealth creation
- Foreign property advice and accounting services
- Analysis of different properties to make the most effective and profitable investment decisions.

We have a very large, happy and satisfied portfolio of investment property clients who are getting the most out of their investments. We ensure that we are helping them claim everything they are eligible to for their properties.

With our expertise in investment property taxation, we can help you answer
lot of your questions regarding:

  • Is it better to live in house or make it Investment property?
  • What are the capital gains implications and how much I would have to pay in case I sell the property?
  • Can I buy Investment property, when I already own a residential property with mortgage?
  • How would I mange my property on rental when I move to overseas for my job and how that will impact my returns?

And many  more like this …….

Give us a call today so we can help you get the most out of your investment property.